Hanan Sayed Worrell



Hanan Sayed Worrell is an international recipe hunter. As a Lebanese-Egyptian-American, she grew up in Kuwait and was educated in the United States, earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering at Stanford University. A global nomad herself, Hanan has lived on four continents and travelled extensively, allowing her to move adeptly between cultures and cuisines. As a careful and affectionate observer of Abu Dhabi for a quarter of a century, she is uniquely qualified to guide the reader on a culinary pilgrimage by way of its streets, homes, and flavours. Through her professional career, Hanan has worked on many diverse initiatives in the realms of aviation, energy, wildlife, environment, education, culture, and the arts. She has a deep appreciation for the role of culture and architecture and how they shape a city. The connections she has made professionally and in her personal life form the rich tapestry of friendships presented in Table Tales, The Global Nomad Cuisine of Abu Dhabi.